King2Hearts Episode 10 - Eng Sub

Jae-ha finally cracks the password on Jae-kang royal video recording and finds out about the devious Club M. He finds another where hyung is asking father what he’s supposed to do when someone is standing in the way of what he set out to accomplish, and talks about the bombing, and Bong-gu’s outright threats that he’s the true king. Jae-ha flashes back to his encounter with Bong-gu/John Meyer, the warnings from Hang-ah’s father, and he grows horrified to see his hyung trembling in fear. Jae-ha rattles off deals with Club M and asks for confirmation of what he’s already figured out—that they’re an international conglomerate that makes money by lobbying and making backdoor deals, and in particular (as most arms dealers do) gains via warfare and strife.

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