King2Hearts Episode 4 - Eng Sub

Jae-kang gets a notice from the UN that they’re reexamining Korea’s entry in the WOC, because of Jae-ha’s latest stunt. Back at the base, the team preps for their next test, a 60km run in under eight hours when suddenly an alarm sounds and soldiers run onto the base by the truckload. Shi-kyung gets a panicked call that there’s been a North-South incident, and to get the prince out of there.Jae-ha gets led into a room where his teammates are waiting. He asks what happened, and Shi-kyung turns on the tv, where they see footage of a bombed out facility and reports that South Korea has waged war and attacked the North. Hang-ah and her team enter the room, ordering the guards to leave. Both teams stand on either side of the room, facing each other.

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